Not singing but inspiring

I know that my blog is about the benefits of singing for Parkinson’s patients but I came across this talk…..

“From God to Guide” #Parkinson’s disease:”

Let’s hope this is not too far in the future……


Lewisham Group

On Monday, I did a taster session at the monthly Parkinson’s meeting in Lewisham.
It was great to try out some ideas and exercises inspired by my session with the speech therapist last week. Everybody joined in and throughout I was hoping that they were enjoying themselves and finding some of my ideas useful. It was hard to know.

At the end I handed out questionnaires about whether they would like a singing group and the majority were in favour.

This is really encouraging. Watch this space.

Speech Therapy

Yesterday, I was lucky enough to spend the afternoon with a speech therapist  at King’s College Hospital. She let me observe two patients with Parkinson’s and the exercises that they use to keep the voice healthy and loud. It was an inspiring afternoon that sparked my imagination in how to use these techniques in a choral setting. The most encouraging thing was the support for setting up a choir.  She sees singing as vital for Parkinson’s patients as a way of exercising the voice on a regular basis. Once I have set up the choir, hopefully some patients will join too!